BagBoy Nitron Buggy

Have you heard of the “Bag Boy Nitron” by Bag Boy? If you haven’t you seriously should.

Originally specializing in push prams, Bag Boy has come up with a new push cart that has revolutionized how we carry around our golf clubs whilst on the course. This new innovative cart features a small nitrogen filled piston that opens the cart itself when you begin to unfold it. This new design is durable, extremely simple and quick to set up, as well as being very light in weight. 


Golfers know how annoying push carts can be; however this new cart can be folded and unfolded in 2 very quick and easy moves, saving golfers a lot of valuable time and frustration. The cart is also the perfect mixture of being light in weight, meaning anyone can easily use it and is also extremely durable and long lasting. The Bag Boy Nitron also has some special features such as a drink holder (perfect for bringing a beer along with you), an umbrella holder and a pouch that fits all your necessities such as phone, wallet, keys. 

Now in store at Brighton for $379 (cheaper then golfbox) 

See the buggy set up here.