December Course Update

Dear Members and Guests,

Are we going to get summer weather? When it does come there will be some quite noticeable visual changes happening to the fairways and tees.  As we use Poa annua for turf coverage through winter to help cope with the high demands of golfing traffic, it is not a sustainable grass species in a Melbourne summer as it has an extremely high demand on water usage. Like last year I will let this naturally decline with reduced watering and growth regulating products, to encourage the warm season grass species such as the Santa ana and Kikuyu to come through. There will be times that irrigation will run during the day, an often it requires a time frame of a minimum of 10 minutes per sprinkler, this is to wash certain products into the soil profile to assist with holding moisture for a longer term. So I thank you for your patience during this time as it’s a crucial element to keeping our playing surfaces alive.

We have been a little unlucky in November with machinery breakdowns, limiting us to get the desired outcome. The areas that have suffered have been cutting down the long grass along the fences and deeper rough to a height of 6 inches, the greens with not being able to use the roller to smooth out imperfections and gain a better speed consistency and there was other equipment that would have made us more efficient.  Hopefully we should see all machines back in use in December, as some were minor repairs like tyre punctures, the only thing is waiting for specialised wheels to come into stock.  

Over all November has been a successful month getting back into rhythm, we managed to do extra cutting for the club championships to not only give a nice visual but a better surface in general across all major playing areas. I hope you are enjoying the course improvements as we continue to progress the course forward.

Kind regards

Jarrod Parlby
Course Superintendent