At Brighton Golf Course you will find a true test of Sandbelt Golf, with a short and tricky front nine leading into a longer more challenging inward nine. It will test every level of golfer through its narrow fairways and small well bunkered greens.

1st Hole
Par 4
Men- 345m 
Ladies- 342m

This hole is a strong start to the round but don’t worry it will get easier after here. The drive is reasonably wide but if you do miss the fairway the tee tree may just swallow your ball. The approach is the tough part has you hit over a rise and it can be very hard to judge your distance.

I recommend quickly running up to the top of the ridge and checking the pin position, this can make a huge difference in what club you will hit for your approach shot.

The green slopes from front to back so your approach will kick on a fair bit, you may want to take one club less just to make sure you don’t go long into the back bunker.

2nd Hole
Par 4
Men- 252m 
Ladies- 241m

Now it’s time to start making some birdies!! For the long hitters pull out driver, go for the green and hopefully pull off the shot dreams are made of. For the shorter hitter the only real issue is to avoid the bunkers just short of the green.

After that you will have a short approach to the green, the green has two tiers so if you can get the ball on the right level you can expect to be walking off smiling.

3rd Hole
Par 4
Men- 122m 
Ladies- 117m

A nice short par 3 which will reward a well-played short iron approach. The only area to steer clear of is the right hand bunker.

The putting surface is rather large and fairly flat, so get your putt on line and there is a good chance to keep improving your score.

4th Hole
Par 4

Men- 306m 
Ladies- 303m

A short hole but it can catch you by surprise if you are not on your game. Driver can be hit if you are playing well but the smart option is to play a fairway wood or long iron down to the bottom of the hill, leaving a short iron approach to the green. If you do try and hit driver the fairway gets much tighter closer to the green and there is also some tee tree which can make it a tough time.

Once you do find the fairway knock your approach nice and close, only having to avoid the two green side bunkers. The green slopes from back to front, so staying below the hole will ensure you have no more than 2 putts.

5th Hole
Par 4
Men- 267m 
Ladies- 264m

A short dog leg right par 4, which defiantly offers up the chance for a birdie. But watch out because this isn’t an easy hole. The key to this hole is hitting the fairway. If you get to aggressive off the tee then you will go through the fairway into dense pine trees that are like a pin ball machine to get out of.

A long iron off the tee is the play and then you will still only have a short shot into the green. Two bunkers guard the green but are fairly shallow so be aggressive with your approach shot make a birdie and high five your mates.

6th Hole
Par 3
Men- 131m 
Ladies- 126m

Another short but challenging par 3. The hole is all downhill and the green slopes from front to back, this leads to the hole playing a lot shorter than the measurement says.

At least one player in every group will over club and end up through the green. Lets make sure this is not you. Because there is a lot of slope on this green, taking only 2 putts and walking off with par is a good score.

7th Hole
Par 4

Men- 227m 
Ladies- 224m

The easiest hole on the course, a great chance for a birdie. Long hitters can get to the green and most other players can get within chipping range. Stay down the left side of the fairway to make sure you give yourself the best angle into the green, which will also help you avoid the bunkers which line the right side of the green.

Once you’re on the large putting surface you will find it rather flat and another birdie chance is up for the taking.

8th Hole
Par 3

Men- 153m 
Ladies- 148m

There is no easy way to hit this green other than to load up, hit it high and land it soft on the green over the bunkers. If you don’t manage to pull this off then I hope you have had some practice out of the sand, 3 deep bunkers surround the green and catch any miss hit shots.

Once on the green the hard work has not finished, the green has many varied breaks so pay close attention when reading your putts. Once again a par here is a great score.

9th Hole
Par 5

Men- 487m 
Ladies- 484m

The one and only par 5 on the course to finish off the 9, let’s just hope you don’t have a head wind to contend with or else the hole can play very long. 

Long hitters may try and go for the green with their second shots but there are deep bunkers to catch any miss hits. Otherwise the second shot should be played rather safely to avoid the clumps of tee tree which line the fairways.

The bunkers around the green should be avoided at all costs as they are deep and unforgiving. The green slopes sharply from back to front so leave yourself short of the hole and run in an uphill putt.

10th Hole
Par 4

Men- 325m 
Ladies- 325m

It wouldn’t matter what golf course this hole was on you would say it was one of the best. A real risk reward hole. The hole is fairly tight with tee tree either side waiting to swallow the new balls you have just bought from the shop. There is a bunker down the right side which requires a drive of 220m to carry, if you are confident with the driver then take it on. This will leave you with a pitch shot of about 60m into the green.

If wanting to play safe is your style then pull out a long iron or rescue club and play it down the left hand side, avoiding the bunker and leaving yourself about 130m to the pin. Now comes for the tricky part, the green has two tiers with a large swale in the middle. Make sure you get your ball on the same level as the pin or you will be staring 3 putts in the face. If you can walk off with par or better, then you have played the hole very well!

11th Hole
Par 3

Men- 155m 
Ladies- 151m

A fairly straight forward hole, but still should not be taken lightly. A mid to long iron will be required from the back tee to a green which is well bunkered and slopes back to front.

The safe bail out spot is short right, leaving yourself an uphill chip. Once on the putting surface everything slopes to the front right corner and breaks a whole lot more than you think.

12th Hole
Par 4

Men- 388m 
Ladies- 385m

Arguably the hardest hole on the course,  due to the length of the hole and also because it plays straight uphill. Pull out the driver and give it a rip, there is a bit more room down the left hand side than you think and it is much better to be there than in the dense tee tree on the right.

When you walk up to your ball you will think you are much closer to the green than you actually are. This is due to the massive putting surface, the green is huge and working out exactly where the pin is will be vital to you selecting the right club to hit in.

This is one hole where you trust the distance markers not go on your vision. Once you get onto the green, it is fairly flat and if your close enough you will have a good chance to hole the putt.

13th Hole
Par 3

Men- 132m 
Ladies- 127m

Once again pin position is the key. The green is about 40m long so what club you are hitting can vary massively.

The only area you really want to stay away from is the left hand trap. It is rather deep and all the ground slopes away from it, so it can be hard to keep your ball on the green when playing back out of the bunker.

14th Hole
Par 4

Men- 403m 
Ladies- 400m

The slicer’s nightmare! This is a long hole that requires you to hit a draw off the tee to hold the fairway. Any shots sliced will run down to the right and end up under trees. 

If you hit that perfect little draw into the fairway then you will be left with about 150m into the green off a slight downhill lie. The best bet here is to play a low running shot up to the front of the green, if you try to hit a high shot in off a downhill lie then you are asking for trouble.

If you avoid the green side traps, take you two putts, run to the next hole and be very happy with par.

15th Hole
Par 4

Men- 360m 
Ladies- 357m

This hole is reasonably long and uphill. Other than that it is pretty straight forward. Pull out driver and give it everything, the only area you want to avoid is the tee tree about 220m just to the right of the fairway.

Your approach shot will be to a green that slopes from back to front. Make sure you have enough club to get back to the hole has your ball will stop very quickly when it hits the green. Left of the green is protected by a trap which should be avoided.

16th Hole
Par 4

Men- 343m 
Ladies- 340m

After a couple of tough holes we get a bit of a breather. Take driver or 3 wood and aim down the middle of the fairway, the ball will follow the contours of the ground and gain significant extra roll down the hill and to the right edge of the fairway. This will leave you a simple approach to a green which has no real danger.

You can roll the ball down or pitch it up in the air, which ever you are most comfortable with. The green does have a fair bit of break in it so read your putt carefully and you may just sneak a birdie.

17th Hole
Par 3

Men- 157m 
Ladies- 152m

This is a great par 3, probably the best of the short holes. Although it is not overly long there are many intimidating factors. First of all the water right in front of the tee catches your eye as you don’t want to dunk one in there and have to shout the drinks at the turn.

Next, the large tree on the right side of the green pushes you left, but the left is actually the worst place to be as you will end up in a deep bunker. The smart play here is to the front right corner of the green, this will leave you a straight uphill putt and a good chance of a birdie. If there is a back pin here be very wary, the green is extremely narrow and the risk far out ways the reward by going for it.

18th Hole
Par 4

Men- 326m 
Ladies- 323m

A nice way to finish. The tee shot is fairly straight forward; you can take driver or 3 wood and still only have about a wedge into the green. The approach is the only tough part to this hole as the green is fairly narrow and extremely well bunkered.

If you can stay out of the sand then anything on the green will leave you a make-able birdie putt. Try and leave your approach shot just below the hole as the green slopes from back to front. If you are up the back of the green it is a slippery putt coming back down.