July Course Report

Dear Members and Guests,

In these winter months we have put some emphasis on trying to keep the course a little drier on the surface with continued aeration of the greens and slicing the fairways. This breaks up the surface and soil to allow a quicker flow of water volume to reduce into the profile. We will also be adding an additional method to the greens were a specific type of wetting agent will help suck water down to the lower parts of the soil profile.

Mulching under trees will take up most of our time over the colder months as there are so many areas to do and tracking mulch back and forth is time consuming, but with the help from our volunteers we are able to get extra days of spreading and dumping.  The end result though is a much cleaner look and easier ball location producing faster play.  We also have been giving the ground plants a well over due pruning and by the amount of balls found in these areas it should also help with the speed of play

The other major focus points for the next few months will be continuing to force the greens to grow more than usual in the cold weather to help with the recovery of the disease scarring. Check our sprinklers, one to see if they are in working order and two if they are aimed in the right direction and three change and replace if they are deemed to be wasting water.

Coming up

  • Liquid fertiliser to greens, tees and fairways
  • Root & soil invigorator to greens
  • Rd up bunkers
  • Edge Bunkers
  • Edge irrigation
  • Remove long grass @ 10 & 18
  • Plug greens
  • Level Tees
  • Path from 16 green to 17 Tee
  • Top dress tees
  • Dust & drag greens
  • Knife tine greens
  • Rd up Fence lines
  • Mulch garden beds
  • Continue removing kikuyu and couch runners from greens
  • Audit irrigation

Overall it has been a great start to the winter months, actually being here instead of in lock down and to be able to finally get stuck into tasks that have been waiting for a quieter period. Stay warm and enjoy your golf

Kind regards

Jarrod Parlby

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