Dear Members and Guests,

It has been such a wonderful month for completing work, and catching up on tasks. There has also been the relief of having the Covid Testing Centre removed from the car park had many flow on effects not only parking available, but the fact we can now get back to keeping Dendy St clean and cut.

Excitingly we have purchased a new spray unit, we were unlucky that our old spray unit went down before our preventative fungicide application was applied and we incurred the fungal disease know as dollar spot, but we are putting that behind us other than extra top dressing and fertiliser to greens for repair. Our new unit holds a larger capacity of water 600 litres (up 200lts on our previous rig), It has a better weight balance and footprint to reduce indentations across turf surfaces. We also acquired a new stronger path edger as you can see its made a huge difference in widening those paths and also chopping off the kikuyu and couch surface runners onto the greens.

As mentioned before we found have been able to put in the extra set of stairs at the 11th tee. We are also through the 1st phase of reducing the long grass underneath the trees along the 9th fairway, the next step is to do some trimming so that we can get mulch in and under to keep the grass suppressed for longer periods of time.

What’s been done:   

With winter upon us all our warm seasoned turf will become dormant and the poa will push its way through into any weak spots and give us the ground coverage that is required this will be more effective on the fairways than the tees. The talk of tees we will be reintroducing play from the newly turfed areas at 1,2,3 and 8, they will remain fluffy and not mowed down to our normal 8mm until we are in warmer temperatures, this is so it will not harm the dormant wintergreen couch.  Some temporary tees may still be made and used like at 7 so there can be a better chance at recovery.

So you may have noticed we have a new crew member, I’d like to officially introduce Willow she is a 6month old Whippet X Borzoi, she is extremely happy to run around and smell until she conks out around midday. Feel free to pat her if you can catch her as she is distracted quite easily.

Coming up

I look forward to another productive month, while some tasks are never visible to the golfer; we are never idle in trying to find the best practices to accommodate for all levels of play while providing better playing surfaces    

Kind regards

Jarrod Parlby