Top 10 Winter Golf Hacks!

Many would argue that golf is a fair weather sport, but with the help of our Top 10 Winter Golf Hacks you can enjoy and improve your game this winter!

  1. Keep your hands warm– When your hands are too cold, you lose feeling in them and golf becomes almost impossible. Buy a pair of winter mitts (FootJoy Weather Sof Gloves now in Stock) and drop a couple of hand warmers in your pockets to keep your hands toasty (also in stock!!) .
  2. Take more club- It’s common knowledge that the ball doesn’t go as far in the winter. When you couple that up with no roll on the greens, more club is needed.
  3. Dress Smart – Use a base layer and have appropriate waterproof clothing (including golf shoes). The pro-shop is stocked with some great options currently including the new Island Green Jacket range! Ask a member of the pro-shop for more details next time you’re in store.
  4. Adjust your driver loft- With the soft ground that we encounter in the winter, we barely get any roll-out on our drives. If you’ve got an adjustable driver, perhaps put the loft up or slide a weight back to increase launch. If your driver isn’t adjustable, tee it up slightly higher and swing more on the up.
  5. Try a round in the Unleash Studio Too wet to tackle the course? Need a break from the rain? Try using an indoor golf simulator. Ivanhoe’s “Unleash Studio is a great virtual golf simulator. Play Pebble Beach or St Andrews with a friend in stunning detail, taking less then 1 hour!
  6. Grab a hot drink from the Pro Shop- Brighton is very lucky to have coffee and hot chocolates on site. Prior to your round and at the halfway mark, stop by and grab a hot beverage. It will help keep your hands and tummy warm.
  7. Understand winter golf rules- Check with pro-shop prior to your round- Depending on the course condition you might be able to use preferred lies or clean your ball.
  8. Favour a simple chip and run shot– Wet fairways and softer and slower greens can cause fat and short chip shots. Play more chip and runs with straighter-faced clubs like a 7 or 8 iron.
  9. Walk instead of ride– A great way to keep warm is to keep on the move. Favour walking around the course over being in a cart. This will help keep the heart rate up and avoid waiting for your turn in the cold.
  10. Most importantly have fun- There will be some challenges and laughs had while playing this winter. Remember its all for fun! Enjoy yourself, enjoy the shorter & quieter rounds, enjoy the exercise, and keep an eye out discounts and special offers!

    Thanks for reading our Top 10 Winter Golf Hacks.